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Your puppy should have the next inoculation as recommended by your vet. Take a stool specimen with you to the vet for examination. If your puppy is a Mini Doodle feed regular puppy food. If your puppy is a Standard Doodle make sure you feed large breed puppy brand food. After age 1 you should switch to adult food. Fresh water should always be available to your puppy. Bathe as needed with puppy shampoo; towel or blow dry very carefully, do not allow the puppy to get chilled.


If possible, feed puppy at the same time each day. Suggest 2 to 3 times a day. At this point in your pup’s life, free feeding is not recommended. Leave food down only about 10-15 minutes. If pup doesn’t eat or just plays with food, take away until next feeding. If puppy eats all food, offer more at the next meal. This will help in housebreaking. No dog treats or in-between snacks should be given during the housebreaking period.



Housebreaking, in theory, is very simple. It is finding a means of preventing the puppy from doing his/her duty in the house and giving the puppy only an opportunity to do it outside. Think positively! To housebreak a dog is to teach them to relieve him/her outside of the house. It is not to teach the puppy that you become angry when it relieves him/herself indoors.



1. Confine the puppy to a small area or crate when you are not at home and at night when you are sleeping.
2. When you are at home and the puppy is loose, keep puppy in eyesight at all times.
3. Feed puppy at the same times each day.
4. Walk puppy at the same times each day, and at the same spot.
5. Do not correct the puppy for a mistake unless you actually catch them in the middle of it!
6. Give lots of praise when puppy gives the correct response!


The confinement is crucial because dogs are animals who do not like to foul the area in which they eat and sleep. By confining the puppy, you are conditioning the pup to not do anything until pup leaves the confined area. The only time the puppy should be confined is when you’re not home to watch him/her or at night when you are asleep. This area should NOT be used for punishment purposes! You want puppy to feel relaxed and comfortable when you are around; the puppy will not feel this way if every time the puppy does something wrong you confine it. The area or room for confinement should be very small. It should not allow enough room for the puppy to relieve itself and be able to walk away from it and sleep in another area. You may want to buy a crate. Most pet stores sell them. Crate should only be large enough to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. You can buy a large crate and just partition it off while in training.

Puppies will learn that the crate is their den, and the door should be left open when you are not confining your puppy so the puppy can go in crate if it wants time to itself. NEVER pull puppy out of crate, which is your puppy’s safe spot! Remember when you are at home puppy should be loose and always in your eyesight. This will always give you a chance to correct the puppy should it have a mistake. The first few nights will be the hardest. Walk your puppy before you go to bed. Place puppy in crate (you can add a towel or toy) and let puppy cry itself to sleep. It may wake up and cry, but make sure you leave puppy in crate for at least 3 hours. After 3 hours, if puppy is sleeping, let it sleep and take it out to the bathroom when it wakes. If it is awake, take it outside to bathroom. Put it back in crate and let it cry. You MUST be consistent. Puppy should be sleeping through the night in about 1 week. 3 hours is the crate limit as puppy will need to eliminate about every 3 hours. As puppy gets older, each month you can add 1 hour to time.


When you see a mistake, quickly say NO sharply and loudly enough to take puppies mind off what it is doing to give you his/her attention. Then sweep puppy up and carry outside. Encourage puppy to finish what he/she was doing outside. When puppy finishes praise right away. This should not be play time. Resist the temptation to swat at puppy when you catch it about to make a mistake. You want puppy’s attention to be on you, not on what you might do to him/her. If puppy makes a mistake that you do not witness, there is only one course of action. Clean it up. If you grab puppy and rub its face in it, all you have accomplished is to make your puppy fear you. Your puppy doesn’t have the mental ability to connect its indiscretion with your anger.

ROOT BEER (ROOTY)<br><br>Multi-gen Goldendoodle lives in Rockville, MD with the Silver/Levine family.


Walk puppy at the same time and the same spot each day. By walking and feeding at the same times each day, you put the puppies system on a schedule and you have control of puppy’s eliminations. Puppy should only be walked long enough to relieve him/herself and then brought back in. This is not a play period. Make sure to praise. Keep in mind when making a walking schedule that there are other times puppy will need to go out. For example, when puppy gets up in the morning, after each meal, when puppy wakes up from naps, after extended play time, and before bed.

Housebreaking doesn’t take as long as it may seem at times. You should note improvement in your puppy’s ability to control his/herself in about a week. Within 3 weeks, even the most difficult puppy should understand what is expected.



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Good owners great dogs


We recommend the book Good Owners, Great Dogs by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson.

This is a must have book! It covers everything you’ll need to know about owing a dog.

**** PLEASE NOTE******

All puppies will jump on you, nip at you playing, have accidents on the floor, and chew on things. They will go through a stage when they run from you, or act scared of things. This is all normal puppy behavior. All puppies need to be taught what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Training your puppy is extremely important! Training will insure that you and your puppy will have a wonderful relationship!

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