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Healthy Doodles From Our Home To Yours

Here at Countryside Doodles, we’re passionate about producing healthy, happy Goldendoodle puppies that will bring love and joy to their families for years to come.

From spoiling our parent dogs with a holistic diet and rigorous health testing, to personally attending the birth of every single litter, to socializing our puppies in a cozy home environment, we’re focused on making sure every element of your puppy’s time with us is geared towards preparing them for a long, happy life with you—their forever family.

Meet The Owner

Debra Wachter is a lifelong animal lover, a dog breeding expert, and our owner here at Countryside Doodles. She’s passionate about producing top-quality, healthy dogs and believes strongly in the importance of breeding education. Click below to learn more about Debra’s commitment to continuing education and promoting excellence in the Goldendoodle breed.

Where Our Doodles Live

Located in the scenic panhandle of West Virginia, our facility is designed with our pooches’ comfort in mind. Our kennels are temperature controlled with heat and air conditioning to ensure that our adult dogs stay cozy or cool no matter the season, and we play a radio for them 24/7. Perhaps most importantly though, our dogs have access to ten fenced-in acres, including a pond, a creek, and several doggy play areas.

Some of our dogs live here with us full-time, where they enjoy rotating in and out of our family home for snuggles and playdates with our grandchildren. Alternatively, some of our parent dogs spend their time in loving Guardianship homes and only come back to us when it’s time to have their babies. Either way, you can rest assured that your puppy and both parents are given plenty of love and TLC. 

What Happens When A Dog Is Pregnant

Once our dogs have been confirmed pregnant they move into our bedroom for around the clock care. All pups are delivered with me at mom’s side for love, support, and assistance if needed. All puppies are born and raised in our home! Mom and puppies remain in the bedroom until about four to five weeks of age (or when they learn how to climb out of the birthing box). They get accustomed to many different household sounds. (Examples: showers running, washer and dryer noises, vacuums, people, cat, music, TV and many other household sounds.)

Each individual puppy is handled everyday from the time of birth until the puppy goes to its new home. We do the Bio Sensor with each pup from days 3-16. We use a combination of puppy socialization programs with our pups, such as Puppy Culture, Avid Dog, and Bad Ass Breeders. Once the puppies reach about four weeks, they are moved to our specially designed in home puppy nursery with more room to roam and learn.

At about 5-6 weeks of age, they have access to a doggie door, where mom shows them how to use the doggie door and puppies learn to relieve themselves outdoors. This gives new owners a jumpstart on housebreaking as our pups already know what outdoors means. Pretty much every time you take a Countryside puppy outside and put in grass, they will at least pee! At this time, the puppy learns about the outside world and sounds, for examples, other dogs, car noises, different weather conditions, outdoor smells, and more. By this time, the pups are learning to run and play, learning to socialize with litter-mates, learning to play with us and follow us around, and they are learning to be independent. This is when the daily handling sessions get more fun for us because they are excited about exploring and they start forming their own personalities.

By about six weeks of age the puppies are fully weaned from their mothers and are eating well. We do not select individual puppies for families until about seven to eight weeks of age. We feel that gives us plenty of time to observe and evaluate each individual puppy’s personalities and we can also estimate size and coat type of each puppy by that time. By doing this, it allows us to match the perfect puppy to each family. Each puppy is examined by our vet. Pups have been de-wormed several times and have all age-appropriate shots before going to new homes. We provide a health certificate and shot record for each puppy. We allow puppies to go to their new homes between 8 and 12 weeks.

All pups are adopted with the requirement to be spayed or neutered when they are of age to do so.

Fun Fact: The World's 1st Litter of Miniature Goldendoodles Were Born at Our Kennel on January 11, 2002 to our wonderful Golden Retriever Honey!

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