Here at Countryside we are committed to raising healthily, well tempered and well socialized pups to be lifelong companions and to enrich other peoples life’s. We are dedicated to improving the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle breed. We feel education is very important and are continuously networking with our fellow doodle breeders.

​In 2006 the International Labradoodle Association started Breeders of Excellence Education Seminars designed for Professional Doodle Breeders to get together and share their knowledge with one another and to provide educational and training seminars .

About 28 dedicated doodle breeder attended the 1st convention and it has been growing ever since. "I am very proud to say that I have attended every Breeder Convention since they were started!!!!" - Debra Wachter Owner

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The 2006 International Labradoodle Association Breeder Conference Held In Florida

ALAA Breeders of Excellence Education Series: Health Testing and Breeding Practices seminar was taught by Specialist Lyampillai Arun, DVM,PA

ALAA Breeders of Excellence Education Series: Puppy Behavior Training 0 to 8 weeks was taught by Canine Trainer Jocelyn Mc Guiness

The 2007 International Labradoodle Association Breeder Conference Held In Orlando, Florida

Reproduction Specialist did seminar on Health care of parent dogs Before breeding, during pregnancy, at delivery and after weaning.

Photographer Eric Matyas of Photohound Dog Photography gave a discussion on talking photo's of dogs.

Seminar on Genetics for labradoodle and Australian labradoodle Breeders with topic discussing 1) Genetic Diversity 2) Health and Genetics 3) Genetics and DNA testing.

We also discussed was the body structure, and characteristics of doodles.

The 2008 International Labradoodle Association Breeder Conference Held In Austin, Texas

Guest speaker was Beth for IDOG
she spoke about evolution of the dog (coming from wolfs), Basic Canine Needs, watching body language of dogs, and puppy development.

Also talked about the Doodle Rescue Group.

Also discussed how to use cameras and photograph puppies, and matching pups to families.

The 2009 International Labradoodle Association Breeder Conference Held In Seattle, Washington.

Guest speaker Myra Savant Harris (author of 3 books)
1) Puppy Intensive Care
2) Canine Reproduction and Welping
3) Advance Canine Repro + Puppy Care

Talked about order of the pack, males reproduction, female reproduction, natural breeding, Artifical insemination, right time to breed, Reproduction Problems, Welping, signs of trouble in welping, C-sections, Basic care of health pups, techniques for helping pups in distress,Tube feeding pups

The 2010 International Labradoodle Association Breeder Conference Held In Atlanta, Georgia

Guest speaker Jerry Hope
(Author of the book Breeder's guide to raising Superstar Dogs)

Spoke about keeping records of litters, choosing parents, necessary environmental conditions for development of temperament, and Bio-Sensor.

The 2011 NW Doodle Breeders Gathering Held In Tualatin, Oregon

Seminar by Cheryl Lopate on Canine Neonatolotgy Birth to weaning

Seminar by Paul H Scherlie Jr.,DVM Northwest Veterinary Specialists on Inherited Eye Diseases

Other topics discussed were genetic, accounting, Brands of food, vaccination schedules etc.

The 2012 NW Doodle Breeders Gathering Held In Tualatin, Oregon

Katherine Aromaa (Certified Pet Dog Trainer) Talked about Socialization of Puppies, Claiming Signals dogs give off to ovoid conflicts, Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test

Talked about Acupuncture for Dogs

Talked about contracts

Talked about artificial Insemination (3 types) Vaginal, Trans-cervical, + Surgical and Shipping Semen

Beverly Suterland Discussed grooming and gave a demo.

Pam talked about taking photos

Guest speaker: Dr Keller from the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals. He is one of the vets that read the radiography and rates hips + elbows on dog clearances. He explained what they are looking at when they read the ex-rays and rate them. Talked about the OFA data base

The 2013 International Labradoodle Association Breeder Convention held in Orlando, Florida

Guest speaker - Vet for Revival Animal Health got stuck in the snow storm at the airport and was not able to make it.

Got to spend extra time socializing with other breeders - food was great!!

April Cliber gave a demo on using Photo editor Pic Monkey.

Carol Dean gave a demo on artificial Insemination.

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