Please Note: Due to our stellar reputation, and our 19+ years of dedication to the Goldendoodle's evolution. Our litters book up pretty quickly.

If interested in upcoming litters, Please fill out an application and send with the required $300 non-refundable application fee!!!

Accepting Applications

2022 litters ready to go home in the spring !!

F1 Mini/Meduim Goldendoodle became Available !!

I have space for a Male pup in Brook + Cody's Mini/Medium Golden Doodle litter. ready to go home Oct time frame.

If interested you can fill out application and send with required $300 application fee to reserve.

F1 Mini/Meduim

Accepting Applications


We are accepting applications for 2022 Golden Doodle pups reserve yours now !!!

Understand -  We have no control over if the dog conceives, or how many pups each dog may have, or what colors we may get, or what sex of pups we will get !

If interested we suggest you fill out application an send with the required $300 non- refundable application fee to reserve a space on our waiting list !

Please Note : If you send application without the required $300 Application fee - the application is automatically deleted, you would then need to re- summit.

The $300 is non-refundable - so when sending application you understand your wait could be anywhere from 1-8 Months and if you choose to cancel your spot on the waiting list your $300 is forfeited.  We look forward to working with your family to provided you with your special new family member as soon as possible !!

Our Applications ask lots of questions - This information provided helps us to understand what you are looking for in your pup. It also helps us to plan our breeding's.  The more flexible you are with generation, size, color, and sex the shorter your wait time maybe. Once we have reviewed your application. We will contact you by email within 72 hrs.

Please be careful in your search for a new puppy as their are many scammers out there !   


Countryside has partnered with a local professional trainer, Independent K9

Ask us what we will have available! Prices range from $5500 to $8500, depending on the number of weeks they have been trained.

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