Adoption Steps

At Countryside Doodles, we want to make the process of uniting you with your perfect puppy as seamless as possible. Here’s what you can expect when you apply to adopt one of our Doodles.

Wilber - F1 Labradoodle
Step One

Submit Your Application

The first step in finding your pup is submitting your completed application! We work hard to match our puppies with their ideal families based on temperament, energy level, your preferences, etc. This application helps us make sure our puppies are going to safe, appropriate homes.
Each application must be submitted with a $300 non- refundable application processing fee. If for some reason your application is denied, this fee will be refunded in full. If approved, this fee will count towards your overall cost of adoption. All applications are processed within 72 hours of submission.

Honey - F1 Labradoodle
Step Two

Worth the Wait

Once your application is approved, your name will be added to our waitlist. Time spent on the waitlist varies—we use our years of experience to hand-select the perfect pooch based on your family’s needs and preferences.
It doesn’t always happen overnight, but as soon as we have a puppy that fits your criteria, we’ll let you know! When we think we’ve found your perfect match, you’ll have a chance to review our pick and decide whether you want to adopt that puppy or continue waiting for the next litter.

BERKELEY<br><br>Multi-gen Goldendoodle lives in VA with the Gerber family.
Step Three

Watch Them Grow

This is where the fun starts! While your puppy won’t be ready to leave its mama until s/he is at least 8 weeks old, you’ll still get an up close look at your pup’s first weeks of life. We’ll send you regular photo and video updates as your puppy grows and prepares for life at your home.
You’ll also have the option of paying for your puppy to work with our in-house puppy trainer. This is completely optional, but early training can give your puppy a headstart on important potty training and basic obedience skills.

ROOT BEER (ROOTY)<br><br>Multi-gen Goldendoodle lives in Rockville, MD with the Silver/Levine family.
Step Four

Take Them Home

Once your puppy is 8 weeks old, we’ll designate an official adoption day! You’ll be able to come to our facility to pick up your pup. While we aren’t able to ship puppies, we’re happy to arrange an airport pickup for families who don’t live within driving distance of our home. Sometimes we maybe able to arrange car deliver. Please ask about this before finalizing your adoption.

“Gobi is the greatest puppy ever. Everywhere we go he is a crowd pleaser and the center of attention. He loves everyone and all animals (even cats, although they don't share that sentiment). He is also very intelligent and learns commands and tricks very fast. He is a great dog and we are very happy to have him.”

Andrzej & Savannah

“Daisy is a lovely dog. She has been a wonderful additional to our family. She is a quiet dog who is very loving, very playful and very gentle. Our three children are totally in love with Daisy. We could not ask for a better family pet.”


“Beckett is doing great- he has the best temperament- he is such an easy going dog- he loves to play, he is great with kids, and is very smart. He also is a big "runner"- I take him for 3 to 5 mile runs when the weather is good and he loves it.

We are so lucky to have Beckett as part of our family...”


“Everyone who meets Fenway agrees he is one of the best dogs -- and absolutely the best Goldendoodle -- that they have ever met. Our trainer (well known in Maryland) will be specifically recommending you as a breeder to others looking for a Goldendoodle in the future."


"We love Bixie! He is well behaved, but still has plenty of energy and personality. "He's so happy" and "He's so cute" are the usual compliments he gets. He is very gregarious and likes people. When we get tired he settles nicely and is very affectionate. For such a lively little guy he is incredibly good in his bath tub! He’s a good time Charlie! And he can stay alone in the house (loose) and be very content on his own, without getting into mischief - GREAT DOG!"

Katherine + Bruce

Got Questions about the Process?

Occasionally, we may have a pup available at time of application. However,  Most times we have a waiting list ! The applications help us to determine which parents we will breed based on generation and size our clients are requesting.   We try not to keep a super long waiting list. Wait can me any where from 1 month to 8 months. But we promise you our pups are worth the wait !!!

All pups are $3800 including the $300 Application fee. Meaning Balance is $3500 on pick up.  It does not matter what sex, color, size, or generation.

Please note: Any pups with training, prices are higher depending on how much training! If interested in a trained pup let us know. 

Socialization of puppies is very important and it should start from birth.  All of out puppies are born and raised in our home not in a kennel/facility !!!!

All pups are delivered with me by moms side to give mom emotional + physical support if needed.

We do bio senor with all pups days 3-16.

Each pup is handled and love everyday until it goes to its new home.  

We incorporate several different puppy raising programs like Puppy Culture , AVID, and BAB Program.

Pups are socialized with people and animals. With being raised in our home they get use to noises of real family life !!

Once we have families matched to a particular litter , they will receive pictures of the litter as they grow along with update e-mails.  about 1 day, about 2 ½ weeks, about 4-5 weeks, and then a picture of the pup matched to their family at about 7 weeks. We also post pictures and video on our you tube channel, Facebook, and other social media. 

When you fill out an application you are applying for a space for a puppy from one of our litters. Not a particular puppy in the litter.

Our applications ask a lot of questions. Applications help us to make decisions on which dogs we breed, and which litter will best meet your requirements.

We do not use a picking order as we match the pups to families, and do not have families pick puppies. So it does not matter if you send the 1st application or the last application. I match pups to families from the info provided on the application (the more info the better). I put a lot of time and effort into evaluating each pup from birth until I match each one with a family. The only time that order of application is used is if I have 3 people that request a male and only 2 males are born.

The reason I match pups to families is because I have many years of experience with the doodle breeds. I am with these pups day in and day out 24 hours a day. I do not match pups to families until about 7 weeks of age, as by this time all pups have been to my vet and have a clean bill of health. I can then tell about what size I expect them to be as adults, and what coat type each pup should have. (If you notice, all pups are born pretty much flat coated. It takes time for the coat to grow so you can tell what coat type they will have.) And of course, by then they are showing their personalities.

My hope is that this pup will be a part of your family for 10-15 years. I feel that it is not good judgment for a family to come out and spend maybe 30 mins to 1 hour meeting pups and pick a pup. People may say, “I like that one because it is the calmest." However, that may be the most active pup in the litter, and it just happened to be tired out that 1 hour they visited. Or they might say, “I like that pup because it is so cute.” However, no matter how cute a puppy may be, its personality may not be right for your life style. It takes different personalities for different life styles. A puppy that goes to a family with several kids will be different then a puppy that goes to a retired couple. It is very important to me that these pups are placed in their forever homes!! I spend a lot of time to match these pups with the right families.

No puppies will leave here before at least 8 weeks of age. Once the pups are born, I will designate a pick up day for each litter. For any pup that is not picked up by the pickup date, there will be a boarding fee of $25.00 a day added to the balance. (Only if we have room available, and only up to 1 week.) If you can not pick your puppy up on the designated pick up date - you have an option to sent pup to a trainer.

(For more information on the trainer, please see "Will my puppy come trained?)

 Puppies will have a basic knowledge of and will have started crate and potty training.

We have a local trainer that does a 4-5 week puppy jump start training program for any families that would like that option. We can deliver to trainer for $100.00. (once the puppy is 8 weeks old) All pups must be paid in full.
Once the puppy goes to the trainer you enter into a training contact with the trainer.

For the safety and the well-being of our puppies and to comply with the new regulations of a face to face visit before puppies can transfer ownership we will no longer be shipping puppies in cargo.

For those families that are out of state and can’t come pick up their puppy – there are 3 options to choose from to receive a puppy from Countryside.

  • You can fly in to Washington Dulles Airport and transport the puppy in the cabin with you. We will be happy to meet you at the airport for extra $100 transportation fee
  • Depending on your location we might be able to personally car delver your puppy to you, or you can hire a pet delivery service. Cost will depend on location.
  • You can have a flight nanny transport your pup on the plane and fly into your nearest airport. Cost will depend on flight.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All pups flying on plane will need a special health certificate to fly. (price ranges $100.00 - $150.00 for certificate)

Any pup that needs to be shipped must be paid in full before shipping occurs.

Your final payment must be cash, certified check or money order ONLY  to Countryside Doodles.  -  (No personal check are accepted for final payments.)(no credit cards or pay pal ect)
$3800 - $300 application fee = Balance of $3500.

We will also take Zelle -

Please note: some banks have a limit of How much money can be sent by Zelle at one time.

All of our puppies are born and raised in our home. All mothers deliver their pups with me by their side to give emotional support, and to step in to lend a helping hand if needed. needed !! ( we use all areas of our home if needed for deliver + and the raising of the puppies )

All of out puppies are born and raised in our home not in a kennel/facility !!!!

All pups are delivered with me by moms side to give mom emotional + physical support if needed.

We do bio senor with all pups days 3-16.

Each pup is handled and love everyday until it goes to its new home.  

We incorporate several different puppy raising programs like Puppy Culture , AVID, and BAB Program.

Pups are socialized with people and animals. With being raised in our home they get use to noises of real family life !!

can see video's on our youtube channel CSDoodles


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