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Welcome to Countryside Doodles—your choice breeder for top-quality Goldendoodles. Located in West Virginia’s scenic panhandle, we’re passionate about pairing our goldendoodle puppies with loving families in West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and all over the United States.

We specialize in Miniature and Medium size doodles. We produce only top quality Goldendoodles. To ensure quality, we carefully select our parent dogs with health, temperament, and personality in mind. All parents are tested for hereditary soundness. Goldendoodles are known for their loving disposition and above average intelligence. They are known to be low to non-shed, lacking in doggy odor, and allergy friendly for most allergy suffers. Most are friendly, non-aggressive, very social and fun-loving. They are devoted and loyal. They are recognized for being especially good with children and other animals. They are extremely clever and very trainable (wonderful dogs for therapy and service). We feel the Mini/Medium Doodles (15-45 lbs.) are the perfect size for any family!

We are located in the panhandle of WV, just on the Maryland/Virginia/West Virginia border. Just minutes from scenic Berkeley Springs, WV.

The World's 1st Litter of Miniature Goldendoodles Were Born at Our Kennel on January 11, 2002 to Our Wonderful Golden Retriever Honey


Your Perfect Puppy

Our goldendoodle puppies are vetted from top to tail, socialized daily in our family home, and come with their very own genetic health guarantee. Find out more about our adoption process + how we work with you to select the perfect puppy based on your family’s needs and preferences.


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Why Countryside Doodles?

Let’s be honest—puppies are lovable no matter where they come from! So why should you choose a Countryside Doodle puppy? Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that we value our parents’ and puppies’ health and happiness above all else. All puppies' are born and rasied in our home ! !    Not in a facility/kennel.  We’re your choice breeder because we care about your puppy as much as you do and work hard to give them a life full of love from day one.

Brandy Feamles Pk + NC + Yellow
ROOT BEER (ROOTY)<br><br>Multi-gen Goldendoodle lives in Rockville, MD with the Silver/Levine family.

Meet the Countryside Doodles Crew

A happy, healthy puppy begins with happy, healthy parents! Our mamas and papas go through extensive health testing and get treated to a lifelong holistic, healthy diet. Click here to meet your puppy’s parents and learn more about how we ensure top-notch health in all our dogs, big or small.

Okay, Okay . . . We Know Why You’re Still Scrolling

Made it all the way to the bottom? Bet we can guess what you’re looking for! If we have any currently-available puppies, THIS is where you’ll find them. Click the button below to meet our newest additions. We welcome you to enjoy puppy photos with no obligation—but don’t be surprised if one of them steals your heart.

Remembering Two of Our Best Gals

Lucy 1

The world's first litter of Miniature Goldendoodles were born at our kennel on January 11, 2002 to our wonderful Golden Retriever, Honey. One of the pups, Wachter's Lucy Dew (just “Lucy” for short), went on to also become a beloved member of our Countryside Doodles family.

Lucy was a mama to lots of sweet puppies in her younger years and even served as a foster parent in her retirement. She passed away just shy of her 17th birthday. Both Honey and Lucy are dearly loved and missed, but their legacy lives on here at Countryside Doodles.

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